5 Ways to be More Content

We all have days, weeks, or even months when we struggle being content. No matter the reason for your discontent, it’s helpful to have a few go-to tricks up your sleeve to help you be more satisfied. Here are my top five ways to be more content.

5 Ways to be More Content

1. Pray – starting each day with prayer is extremely helpful in grounding myself, aligning myself with the divine, and remembering what it’s all about. With little ones, prayer isn’t usually peaceful and serene, it usually involves quiet reminders about why and how we pray with lots of hugs and kisses. I read something once, I sure wish I could remember where, that said if we can’t be alone for quiet time then at this time God doesn’t want us to be alone; we’re right where we need to be with the people we need to be with. That is a constant reminder for me when I start to feel pulled in different directions wondering why I can’t seem to get five minutes to myself.

2. Keeping a grateful heart – spending a few minutes each day to write down what makes my heart sing is essential in keeping my spirits high even when life feels like it’s falling down around me.

3. Play – this one is often times hard for me to remember to actually do. With always “too much to do,” play is last on the list. The sad reality is that if I don’t intentionally make time for play it just doesn’t happen because my to-do list never seems to get any smaller. But taking the time to play with my children, laugh with my husband, exercise (I’m throwing this one in because a walk to the park or a game of tag is exercise!), and just getting outside for some fresh air I am renewed. My nerves are calmed, I don’t feel rushed to complete tasks any longer, and I have created an opportunity in my day where I am just living in the moment, spending time just being with those who matter most to me.

4. Read – whether it’s books, magazines, or blogs, reading about the things important to you is helpful. If you’re feeling discontent because you’re trying to get out of debt and it doesn’t seem like you have a whole lot of extra cash, reading blogs on financial freedom or frugality really can help and encourage you to keep going. One of my favorite blogs is The Prudent Homemaker, I am continuously encouraged by her frugal accomplishments each week.

5. Create – whether it’s a hobby you’ve enjoyed for many years or you’re looking for something new to do, being creative is an easy way to express yourself. From painting, knitting, cooking, and even gardening, I am sure you have a few hobbies you enjoy. Devoting some time to creative efforts is a great stress reducer and it frees your mind allowing you to feel much happier in your current situation.

Taking time each day to nurture my soul allows me to stay focused on the important things in life and leaves a lot less time to feel discontent.

What are some things you do in your own life to be more content?

Letting Go of the “Stuff”

When it’s all the stuff in our lives weighing us down, we’ve just got to let it go.

I had a good chuckle this morning as I read, When a fresh start means selling your stash. Oh how I know what it means to let go of something in order to move on. In my case, it wasn’t just my stash, I sold everything in my home.

At the beginning of last year we decided to leave Utah and move to Texas. There was a great job opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. We had to get there quick, and we only wanted to take one vehicle. We were going to order moving pods and have them delivered to us. But because we lived in the middle of nowhere the moving company would not deliver them to us.

So we sold everything.

Letting Go of the Stuff

Yup, we bought a horse trailer similar to the one above. The same size, but less rust, ha! The top was completely enclosed and we lined the inside with tarp to cover the windows. And we filled it with all the things we couldn’t get rid of, pictures, clothes, kitchen things, some of the kids’ possessions, etc. We sold everything else. EVERYTHING! The only piece of furniture that came with us was my grandmother’s cedar chest. It was hard, I cried. The kids cried. I felt like a terrible mother, doubting our decision, wondering if I was just traumatizing our kids and they’d need years of therapy to recover.

After everything was sold though, and we hooked our trailer up to our SUV and hit the road, it was freeing. A weight was lifted.

You see, I had already started dejunking my life, slowly chipping away at our possessions. All the while knowing I wasn’t making enough progress and I needed to do more. But it was hard. I had a lot of excuses. But God always has a way of getting through to us, and this move allowed me to finally be free of all the “stuff.”

Sure we sat in our camping chairs for a month while we waited for the right new-to-us couch and slept on our air mattresses for a bit, uncomfortable at times, yes. Eye-opening, absolutely. Everything really is just stuff, and when we got honest about it, none of it really mattered.